Utility’s function allows you to manage the manage the working functions of RaceDay and also allow to some special functions of RaceDay.

User Management – This will allow you to set up a user with different access permissions.

                                System Admin – This allows for the user to manage all RaceDay.

                                Event Manager – This allows the user to manage all RaceDay. 

Results Manager – This allows the user to Manage all RaceDay except the Event, Stage, Category set up.

Registration Manager – This allows the user to only manage the registration process.

Forms ManagementThis will allow you to manage the forms on the page by adding or hiding unused entry items. Please review the Form Management User Guide on www.RaceDayEventSoftware for complete details on how to use this option.

Payment TypesYou can set an payment type or use the three that are included, payment details are included in the Event Summary Report as long as this is add during import of Athletes and also add during onsite registration

Clone StageCan be used to clone a stage that is already set up with all the stage details and athlete Database, you will need to make sure that you edit the stage details after you have cloned the stage.

                                Export Everything – This will Export the entire RaceDay Database to a CSV File

Export to SeriesThis will create a csv file that is user when you are managing a series that is run by varying Event Directors

Import From SeriesThis will allow you to Import a series CSV File. This is used if you are managing a series that is run by varying Event Directors using different bib numbers. This will convert bib numbers to license numbers. Please review the series user guide on www.RaceDayEventSoftware.com

                                Colors – This will allow you to change colors if you so desire.

                                Data Base – Drop Down

Initialize Database – This will allow you to start an Event and will clear RaceDay of all current data, if you have a event currently in RaceDay you will want to Back it up before initializing you Database

Reload Master Athletes – This option will reload the Master Athlete Data Base that is running in the background. RaceDay keeps this Data Base updated weekly.

Install a Local Data Base – This will allow you to reload your database of athletes only and does not change the Event or Stage Information. This will overwrite all current athletes.              

Backup Data Base – You can back up RaceDay and save it in a location of your choice, this will be saved as a RAK file type.

Restore Data Base – If you have a backed Up RaceDay RAK File this will allow you to restore the Database, this will overwrite anything that is in RaceDay.

                                                                Migrate Bus DB Logic – For Administration use only.

                                                                Manage Metadata – For Administration use only.

                                                                Master Athlete – For Administration use only.