Manual Result Entry

You can enter results in RaceDay in two ways

  • Manual –  These results are from a hand written document (from a official writing them down)
  • From Timing Systems – These are result come from a timing system coming to you as a CSV file type

There are two ways to score a category, this is set up when you set the event up under stages

  • Based on Time –  you will need both time and bib number being scored
  • Based on Place – you will just need bib number and or Select the category that you are going to score, if scoring Globally you will not need to select a category
  • Bib – This is the bib number that you are scoring, the athletes on the right are unscored  when scored they move to the bottom of the screen
  • Penalties – If an Athlete has received a penalty that would be placed here
  • Reason for Penalties – The reason a penalty was given
  • Hold Time – If there are athlete who are scored on the same time you can use this to hold time rather than typing it in each time
  • Finial Time – Is scored on time this is the time the athlete crossed the line (if you had offset set up RaceDay will score based on the final time minus the offset time)
  • No Time Reason – If a athlete does not finish there are options to show the reason why. 

If you need to adjust a result you will need to double click on the athlete below and that will move them up into the scoring section where you can make your adjustment and athlete will be replaced