Event Setup

Initializing the Event

From the Utilities Drop Down  Then Database you will then see the Option to Initialize the Database. 

  • Event Name – Name of the event
  • Event Type – Stage Race or Omnium (see below for description)
  • Event Date – Date of the Event
  • Event Location Information – Address of Event, City, and State
  • Event Management Information – Chief Official, Event Director, Timing Company, and Sponsor

These details are printed on all of the reports and when you upload to Real Time Results posting.

This is the first step in setting up and manageing an event

Think of the Event Details as the umbrella, 

The two options that manage the stage or stages of the event are set here. If your event is only a single day event your can use either of these options, however if your event is a stage you can use the options

  • Stage Race –   A multi stage event that will be scored on time
  • Omnium Race –  A multi stage event that will be score based on points 
From the Event Management drop down you can use the Manage Event the next step is to hit the save button and you then you are promoted to import you Athlete Data Base (import is discussed in the Categories setup)

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team