General Overview

RaceDay Software provide for a host of pre-formatted reports that cover all of the required information you should need to manage your event.

The report select tool all so allows for a variety of option in page layout and the ability to save your reports or print them with an onsite printer.

Report Options

 Pre-Race Reports

 Announcer’s Sheet

 Sign In Sheet

 Start Sheet

 Official’s Reports

 Result Sheets

 Result Sheets by Time

 Result Sheets by Time MS

 Result Sheets by Time/State

 Result Sheets Place

 Result Sheets Place/State

 Result Sheets Laps

 Official’s  TT Start Times

 Official’s By Time

 Official’s By Time Complex

 Special Reports

 GC Report

 GC Summary Report

 GC Team

 GC Best Young Rider

 Bonus and Classments

 Classments Stage 

 Classments Overall

 Classments Individual

 Post Reports

 Event Summary

 Emergency Contact


Printing Reports

Printing reports is easy with the report printing tool

  • Select the Stage 
  • Select the Category
  • Select the Report

You have the option to print hard copies of the report or you can print to PDF to use in the email messaging system. Use the printer icon to choose.

There are other options which will allow for some  optional printing tools

Using the Save Icon will allow for download the report in Word or Excel

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team