RaceDay allows for different Options to be used to manage the event based on your criteria, setting these options prior to your event s preferred but you can always change them during the event. You can use a selection of the Options as well.

One Day License Fee – If your event needs or has collected Insurance fees you can add the amount here and the Event Summary Report will display the amount that should have been collect.

Event Insurance Fee – If your event needs to collect a Insurance surcharge you can enter the amount here and the total amount will be displayed on the Event Summary Report

Event Optimal Fee – You can use this Option if you need to track and additional fees collect, this will also allow you to title the fee line.

Best Young Riders Age – you can set the Best Young Rider Age; this defaults to Under 23

Time Cut – If your event has a Time Cut you can set the percentage limit here.

Results Tie Breaker – Use this option if you need to set up tie breakers for athlete who are tied on time (This is only used when scoring the stage based on time or a Series based on points)

Same Time LIF Import – This is used if you want anyone who if Time results are imported and has the same time based on the setting to have the same time.

GC Points Classment – Add This In

GC Inc Tenths in GC Calculations – If you want the General Classification time you must use this option.

Digital Waiver – This will turn on the Digital Waiver feature in the Onsite system, you must agree to the terms of use (Currently works for USA Cycling Waivers only)

Add Bib to Web Form – If this is turned on the Bib Field in the Only system will allow the athlete to enter a bib number in the field, if this is not turned on RaceDay will be assigned. the next available bib based on the last used bib number

Select <n> in Series – If you are running a series and only want a certain number of races to count in the series you can set that number here.

Min Team GC <n> Participants – If you are running a Team GC, this will allow you to set the minimum number to have in the event and still be in the Team GC

Max Team GC <n> Participants – If you are running a Team GC, this will allow you to set the maximum number of team members that can be counted toward the Team GC

Participant Help – This will allow you to add registration or event details in the help section of each page.

Stage Type Alias –

                                  Set Alias for Road Race – Use this if the stage is set as Road Race

                                  Set Alias for Criterium – Use this if the stage is set as Criterium.

                                 Set Alias for Time Trial – Use this if the stage is set as Time Trial

Split Reports by Bib – If you set up your bib numbers in an order and want to split the report by a range of bib numbers you can turn on this function.

GC Report Name – This allows you to Name the GC Report that is run in the GC Report in reporting.

Automatically Publish Live Results – This will turn on the publish Live Results form to appear when you enter results.

Publish Live Results to 3ed Party Server – Currently not in, Use for future development.

These functions all for you to have multiple computers to manage RaceDay, please refer to the user guide at www.RaceDayEventSoftware.com for complete details for this function.

Multi User Server – If you are using multi numbers of computers this will allow you to enter the master computes IP Address

                                IP Address – This will allow you to identify your computers IP Address

                                Open Firewall Port – This is for Administrative Use On