Internal Email System

Using the Internal Email system is easy and requires no setup time, this allow you to send as many emails as the event requires.

Using the drop downs you can choose from several Template options or you can create a custom Template.

  • Preset Template – Their are preset template for you to use   
  • Add Template – You can set up  custom template by using the add template button, entering a name and then adding your message
  • Delete Template – You can delete a unused template or if you want to start over

Sending emails is easy, choose the template you want to use, choose the stage, then the category. (you can send to all categories if required) The athletes will appear allowing you to see who it is going to.

Send Options

  • Return Email Address – The option to set a custom return email address
  • Subject Line – This is preset to show Category Name on the email, this can be change to a custom Subject Line 
  • Attachment – You can add attachments here, Start Sheets, Results Sheets, or others
  • Add Recipients – If you would like to send results to someone other than the listed athlete (Media) you can add their emails here
  • Test Email Address – Would you like to see the email before you send it out this allows for you to enter a email address and send it to view prior to sending out the completed email
  • Send Email – Hit the button and your emails are on the way thru our Amazon web services system
  • Emails in Progress – Once you have hit send in the lower left corner there will be a running count of email sending progress, you can close the page and continue to work on RaceDay, the will be a send complete message appear when completed


Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Tea