Stage Setup

Setting up Events is quick and easy, if you are using BikeReg this is done for you atomically, if not you will need to do this manually but again this is a simple process.

Remember when we talk about the Event As being the umbellar that everything is under? This is where you set up a more details with the stage details, even though the event has been set up you will need to set up the stage or stages if it is a multi stage event. (details about how to set up multi stage event can be found it the user guide section)

From the Event Management drop down you can use the Manage Stage, you are now ready to manage the Stage Information

Stage Information

  • Stage Name – If it is a one stage event use the same as the Event Name or Stage events can be different
  • Event Date – Make sure that your stage date is correct
  • Scoring Model – This is either Category or Global, Category you will score one category at a time, Global you can score mixed categories 
  • Stage Type – Road Race, Time Trial, or Criterium (Time Trial type allows for you to set up start times. This names can be changed to match your stage type in Options)
  • Scored On –  Time or Place
  • Stage Order- Single stage events this will always be 1 Multi-Stage will be ordered by the stage order

Note that this is really the heart of the Event and tells RaceDay how to  manage the Data Input going forward

In RaceDay you can always update the information by double clicking on the details below then making the change and saving the detail change use the save button.

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team