Stage Setup

Manage Stages

Stages are tier two of the event, you must have one stage, if your race is multiple stages, you can set them up here. (Note if your race is a series, please review the series user guide (Add Guide link) The first stage details are pulled thru from event details if possible.

Event Name – Name of your event Required.

Stage Name – Name of the stage, this can be different than the event name or the same for multi-day(s)/multi-stage(s) Required

Stage Date – Date of the stage    Optional

Address 1/Address 2 – Address of the stage Optional

City – City of the state Optional

State – State of the stage Optional

Scoring Model – There are two scoring types available One is Required

                                Category – This will allow you to score only the select category

                                Global – This will allow you to score all athlete

Stage Type – There are three options, if the name does not apply to your event, you and use the stage type alias to add a custom name as required One is Required

                                 Road Race – This is used if the stage is a circuit or a road race

                                 Criterium – This is used if the race is short and around a closed course

                                 Time Trial – This is used if the event is based on a induvial start and raced on time. If this chose is used there will be a                                   new option in the Edit field below allowing you to set up the start times. See the user guide to set up Time Trial Start                                       Times.

Scored On – There are two options One is Required

                                  Time – If you are scoring your event on time use this option, if your event is multi stages with the overall being scored                                     on overall time.

                                  Position – If you are scoring on the position that the rider crosses this is the option to use

Stage Order – if you have an event with multiple stages this is the order that they are run in Required.

Chief Judge – If you have a lead Judge Optional

Chief Judge Email – Official email address Optional

Chief Referee – If you have a lead official Optional

Chief Referee Email – Official email address this is carried thru to all of the reports with regards to results that are emailed to the athlete Optional

Event Director – This is the name of the person in charge of the event Optional

Timing Company – If you have someone timing the event Optional

Presented by – Present By – Lead Sponsor Optional

Course Details – This is a tool that you can use to add details to , this can be used as a option if you do not have a website or as a web location to add details about your event Optional

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team