Registration – No one likes it but the event data base of the athletes is the setup for a either a great event or a flop. Registration drives just about everything that happens from the moment the athlete checks in, to the start line, and finial the results.

RaceDay Registration and Result Software make the entire process smooth and efficient, from importing your athletes who registered online to making the onsite registration process simple for the athletes.

Online registration really has become the norm for events, RaceDay allows for you to import those riders into RaceDay from you online provider. If you are using it will even set up all of the stages and categories for you.

Adding onsite registration is now as easy with the new Onsite registration system that is in every copy of RaceDay Software. With a backend Data Base of over 100,000 athletes you can look athletes using their License Number, Last Name, or First Name. You can then easily choose the event or category that they are racing in and you are done.

Now with the new Multi User system you can have as many computers link together and the athletes can even register themselves.


RaceDay is currently the only registration software authorized to sign USA Cycling release forms digitally. This is built in to the onsite registration process and saved in RaceDay to be print if required.

Take your event to a whole new level and make the registration process painless.


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