General Overview Events

RaceDay Event Software was and continues to be developed to provide the highest standard of managing registration of athlete from both a online service or as athlete register onsite, managing event details, input of event details, and report of event details.

Event setup allows for the details of the event to be entered for all of the required and any additional information about your event. This process can be both automatically created (BikeReg) or manually.

This falls into there major areas 

  • Event Details
  • Stage Details
  • Category Details

Event Details

Think of the Event as the Umbrella, this is hwere the event details are recorded and the first step in creation of the Stages and the IMPORT OF THE pre-registered athletes.

Stages Details

Stages are the actual are that the details about each stage are set up, this  allows for any type of stage to be run.

Category Details

Categories are the Athlete groupings that the Stage is run in, if you used BikeReg  these are created automatically our you created them yourself.