Publish Live Results

This function will allow you to publish/push information to  there are several options offered here.

Stage – Choose the stage you want to publish from the drop down.

Category – Choose Category to publish or you may opt to publish all categories from the drop down.

Publish Course details.

Course Details – if you set up course details this will publish them to

Start Sheet Options

Start Sheets – will publish start sheets for selected stage and category.

Official Time Trial – publish the start times for a time trial for selected stage and       category.

Publish Result Types 

Using these options, you can publish the result types; you can choose one or multi choices are required. Results can be published each time new results are added, online results will be updated and written over.

Results – results for the event

GC – results if the event has multiple stages-based time or points.

Series Results – Publishes multiple events based on points only (Note: check the series scoring options user guide to choose type of Series to use)

Team GC – Publishes Team GC based on the number of team members set up in the Team GC Options.

Best Young Rider – Publishes BYR based up age set up on the BYR Options

Classments – Publishes Classments based on the points and types set up in the Results Options

Lap Results – Publishes Lap Results if the options are turned on the Event Management/Categories options.

                                Finalization –Results Status can be marked with three types.

                                 Final – These results have been deemed to be final .

Provisional – the result has been published but may be changed base on protests from the athletes

Revised – The provisional results were change and marked as revised.

Delete Live Results

You can delete all results for the Event if you choose to by using the License Key which can be found in the Help/About section (Help is in the upper right side of the screen)

Note: Currently delete results will delete everything if there are multiple events this will delete all. You then must republish the results tied to the license cod/publish

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team