Real Time Posting to Web

Posting your event information to Real Time Results is fast and easy (You will need to be connect to the internet) Currently Real Time Results are pushed to the YourResults.Live, this can be done as many times as you require, results are updated with any new results or start sheets or updates any result changes.

The results will be at YourResults.Live or with a some set of code can be published on your event website or anywhere that the code is added to a page.

You will have several options 

  • Pre Event – All start sheets can be published
  • During or Post Event

Stage and Category Drop Down allows you to publish just what you would like the athletes to see.

(You can use all categories to publish all results for all categories)

Publish Start Sheets

  • Start Sheets –
  • Officials Start Time –

Publish Result Sheets

  • Results – The results is the default check on and allows for you to publish results for selected stage and category
  • GC – if this is a multi stage event you can publish the General Classification results (Time or Place)
  • Series Results – If this is a series RaceDay you can publish the series results
  • Team GC –  If you are scoring Team GC the default is top three riders  by team name (you can chnange the team number in options)
  • Best Young Rider – If you have set the Best Young Rider age in Options you can then publish results
  • Classments – If you have Classments set up KOM, Sprint, or Special this will show all that are scored in all three areas   Individual, Stage, and Overall
  • Lap Results – If you have the Laps Timing turned on you can use this to show laps times as well as final time


  • Category is Final – Use this feature at the end of the day or after the protest period to mark the results as final

Delete Live Results option allows for you to delete the results by entering the license key number,  this will delete all results tied to that license key this can not be undone however you can then re- upload results the license key number can be found using the About in the upper right corner of the RaceDay screen

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team