Category Setup

Manage Categories

These are the categories that you him either imported or created based on your stage. These can be added or deleted before or during your stage. (Please note that if you delete a stage, it will delete all the athletes that are in that stage. You may have different categories in each stage, however if you are scoring on time, they must have the exact category name and spelling. You can edit a category name by double clicking on the category in the edit field below)

Stage – this is the stage(s) you are working on; multiple stages will be listed in the drop down Required.

Category Name – This is the category name Required.

Category Start Time – This is the start time for a category and does not affect timing of the athlete Optional

Category Offset Time – If timing is started with the first category, the second category may start 5 min later, this will adjust the category race time. Optional

Category Distance – this is the race distance that the stage is being raced, this can be different by category. On alive results and report it will show and calculate the average speed of the winner if time scored Optional

Max Participants – If the is a field limit this is where you set it, if the limit is reached you will get a warning message or override message Optional

Entry Fee – This is the entry fee that you will be charging the athlete on-site Optional.

Laps – This is turn on you will use the scoring by lap in the results Optional

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team