Category Setup

The finial set in setting up a event is to import the pre-registered athletes into RaceDay and this requires that the categories be set up. This is dine when you import a CSV file of the pre-registered athletes.

There are two types of imports that you can use to accomplish this

  • BikeReg Import
  • Our Import

When you have your CSV file ready to go the first step is to Load  CSV File and using the mapping tool this will allow you to map data into RaceDay (Note: you must have bib numbers assigned to import the data)

  • BikeReg CSV file will import all of the athletes and create stages at the same time.
  • Other Athlete Import you will need to create a stage prior to the import 

Once you have finished the Import you can then go to the Event Management drop down and select the Category Management option and set the category details 

  • Stage Selection – This is the stage you are working 
  • Category Name – This is the category name that was imported for the CSV File
  • Category Start Time – If used this is the start time of the category
  • Category Offset – This is the offset from the first category start and the offset for each category starting after
  • Category Distance – This is the race distance of the category if used it will show Average Speed of the winner on the result reports
  • Max Participant – If set it will warn the registration folks if the field size is exceeded
  • Entry Fee – If used it will trach all onsite entry fees in the event summary report
  • Laps Check Box – If event is being lap scored this  will enable the  feature

If you need to add or changes category that is already shown in the grid table below al that is required is to Double click on it and it will appear in the blocks above to to edit, once edited use the save button.

You can add a new category if required by using the Add new button

You can also delete a category 


Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team