General Overview Results

Make your event look and feel like the Tour de France with professional results and result posting using RaceDay Event Software. RaceDay provides the latest in Registration and Results Management.

Whether you are managing a local criterium, road race, or time trial, a stage race, or multi-day omnium, RaceDay Event Software can help you through the complete process.

Results are one of those things that can make the difference between an event being a huge success or just another run of the mill race.

RaceDay Software will allow you to import a csv file from any timing system or you can manually enter a place/time to record each athlete’s finishing position.

  • Are you managing a stage race with KOM/QOM or Sprints this is all done through the initial event setup to score each classment on the fly? If so, there’s no need to wait till the finish of the stage to keep track of the athlete score.
  • Running a team competition? RaceDay will score this for you as well (currently score on the UCI team Rules).
  • Best young rider competitions? No problem, you can set the age you want it to be based on.
  • Multi-day events scored on points for the overall (Omnium) are no problem. Set up is done during the event setup and then it is just a click to add points to the athlete and keep running points totals.
  • RaceDay has the flexibility for you to add any special classments you want and will track all of them for you.

Single Day Options

RaceDay is programed to do any combination of events single day events like a road race, if you are scoring based on time or just place RaceDay can handle it.

  • Scored on Category  – scoring on category at a time
  • Scored on Global – Scored mixed categories at a time

Multiday Options

Multiday or multi stage events can be set up in  RaceDay, wither it is a Criterium, Road Race, or a Time Trial RaceDay can handle any combination. Theses can be scored on time or on Place and RaceDay will track all of the totals for all stage to include any bonus or penalties

Special Results

There can be any number of special results that your event may want to track, Best Young Rider, Kom/Qom, Sprint Points, or even a series of events. hese can again be scored based on points or time

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team