Athlete Registration

Athletes – This is the drop down that allows you to manage your athlete that has either pre-registered or has registered onsite thru the onsite registration process.

License – This is any license that you may choose to use Optional.

1 Day License – You can mark the registration as a one-day license Optional.

Category – This is a drop down allowing you to register the athlete in the correct category Required.

Last Name – Last Name of athlete Required.

First Name – First Name of athlete Required.

Bib – assigned bib number for athlete Required.

Gender – Gender of athlete Optional.

DOB – Date of Birth of athlete Use this only if you do not add the athlete’s age Optional.

Age – Age of athlete based on event requirements do not use if Birthdate is fill in Optional.

Address 1/Address 2 – address of the athlete Optional.

City – City of the athlete Optional.

State – State of athlete Optional.

Country – country of athlete Optional.

Country Code – three-digit country code Optional.

Zip – Zip Code of the athlete Optional.

Team – Team that the athlete is on. Note: if a Team GC is being calculated make sure that all team names are exact Optional.

Email – The email of the athlete, this will be used if you email reports to the athlete through the RaceDay messaging system Optional.

Phone – Phone number of the athlete Optional.

Start Time – Assigned start time if this is a Time Trial Optional.

Payment Type – this is how the athlete paid their entry fee, this information will be carried through to the Event Summary Report. (Note: for the Event Summary to be complete you must bring over these details and match from your online registration download          Optional.

Non-Payment – This would be used for comp entry or athletes who do not pay for an entry.

Online – This is imported from your online registration provider Optional..

Onsite Payment – Payment (entry) amount Optional.

Transponder Code – this is the code that is associated with the transponder assigned to the athlete Optional.

Emergency Contact – This is who gets contacted if the athlete if are injured Optional.

Emergency Phone – Contact phone number Optional.

Stage Registration Options – This will show if the Event Has more than one stage and you can choose which stage to enter the athlete in Optional.

Edit Field Options – Header line provides several tools that allow you to manage or register new athletes. Please Note that each column can be sorted by clicking on the header. Columns can be resized by marking the column line in the header and dragging the      line right or left.

Save – this will save any changes made in the form.

Refresh – This will refresh all the data in the Edit screen below.

Stage – This is the stage that you would like to display or search in, the search feature only applies to the displayed stage.

Category – This will select the category you want to display or search in; you can use the All Categories to search the complete athlete database.

Search Fields – There are 4 fields that you can search within the edit field below, each field will start searching as you type in the field, usually you can field the athlete you are searching for in the first three letters or numbers.

                Bib Number – First Name – Last Name – License

Register New Athlete – This will open the Onsite Registration option of RaceDay Event Software, this is a full suite of onsite registration tools for both the registration staff and athlete self-registration. Wavier and payment options may also be set up to make  onsite registration a one-step option.

Edit Row Options – allow you to edit only the highlighted row or in some options highlight multiple rows allow you to edit all highlighted rows.

Edit Record – clicking on this will move information to the form above to edit the data, you must then click on the save button below.

Delete Record – This will permanently delete the athlete from the data base and cannot be reversed, you will be promoted to approve this option.

Switch Rider Start Times – If your stage is a time trial you can switch rider start times here.

Consolidate Team Names – You can high light rows to consolidate/name all team members the same team’s name.

Print Release Forms – If this option is turn on this will allow the athlete to digitally sign the applied waiver, default is to USA Cycling Athlete waiver.

Stage Information – This will show all the athlete information that applies to the highlighted athlete.

Move to another category – This will move the athlete to the selected category along with all the athlete’s data.

Copy to another category – This will copy athletes’ data to the newly selected category while leaving them in the current category.

Import Athletes – This option allows you to Import athletes from an online registration platform of your choice. RaceDay Event Software has a special download in BikeReg that will allow you to download an import feature that sets up everything for you.                  (Categories) The more details that you bring into RaceDay the more that the details of the athlete and event will be provided on the reports and .

CSV File – RaceDay allows for a CSV file type to be imported. There are some constraints, bib numbers within a category must be unique.

Load CSV File – When clicked this will allow you to import the CSV file into the matching columns tool. All the columns in the CSV  file can then be matched with the columns in the RaceDay Database structure. Once matched you must then click on the Import  Data Button in the lower Right corner of the form.

Event – Choose the event you are going to Import the data into Required.

Stage – Choose the stage you are going to import the data into, you can import the same database or different database into multiple stage Required.

Create a Stage – Allows you to create a stage if you have not already done so. This follows the same function as the stage details in Event Management drop down.

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team