Simple Registration

RaceDay Event Software allows for a simple yet powerful registration system, using one computer you can manage the entire registration system.


  • RaceDay has a large database of athletes that is running in the background, the database is updated on  Thursday afternoons, if you downloaded RaceDay Event Software and want to make sure your database is current use the Utilities>Databases> Reload Master Athletes
  • The Master Athlete Database is searchable during the registration process, you can search on any item or multiple items
  • There are a host of tools that you can access by choosing the athlete in the grid sheet and right clicking on the mouse.
  • There is a total rider count on the top right of the grid shee

Start Registration Options

  • Stage Selection –  choose the stage you want to enter athletes into if it is a multiday event (Omnium – Stage Race) you will be allowed to enter athlete into all stages 
  • New Button – this allows you to add a new rider into the stage and category
  • Refresh – This refresh the screen details

Registering a new Athlete is easy 

  • Search Master Database – enter something to search by (We always start with the license number) from the search list below 
  • If the athlete you want is there you just need to double click on the athlete and it will load the athlete above
  • You will need to bib and category (This are required) you can add any of the optional information as required
  • Once done use the Save Button to add rider to Athlete Database
  • You  can Cancel the entry using the Cancel button
  • You can clear the Search by using the Clear Search Criteria
  • If you search does not find a athlete you can manually add them in by type the data in the appropriate box then hitting save


Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team