Onsite Registration System

Onsite Athlete Registration 

RaceDay Event Software allows for two different input screens to manage onsite registration, running in the background is a database of athletes that is searchable by any listed input screen item, License , Last Name, First Name or a combination of input items. This option allows for fast search and entry of athlete onsite. Manual entry of athlete is aloo possible  thru the input screen.

Main Screen Registration 

  • The main screen entry is done with the use of the New Button in the Middle of the screen, once this is clicked it then allows you to search the Athlete data base by what event input you choose.  It is always best to start  wit the most specific search option (License)  Once you have started the search option athlete will appear in the grid sheet below, once you have found the athlete that you want to add to the event database all you need to do is double click on the athlete and that athletes information will populate the information screen above. You will still need to select the stage option from the middle of the screen  then select the Athletes Category, Bib, and  Gender. all other fields are optional. The athlete is added when you click on the save button  in the middle of the screen. Please note that this option does not allow for the use of USA Cycling digital waiver signature

Onsite Registration Screen 

  • This option can be used  when you are using one or more computers and allows for the use of the USA Cycling Digital Waiver Signature ( This is an optional component and needs to be turned on and agreed to ). There are several steps to get Onsite Registration working.  
  • Under Option use the Digital Wavier option to turn this function on, you will be required to read and agree to the terms of use for this option. You can use the Onsite screen even if you do not use this option
  • To active the scree go to the File Drop Down and use the Onsite Registration option and click on it  this will open the new screen.
  • This allows you to search the Master data Base by using three option or a combination of the three, License, Last Name, and First Name.
  • The athlete that match your search are displayed in the grid below.  by double clicking on the chosen athlete that will populate the athlete information and then allow you to add addition information  choose the category and stage if required.  
  • If you are using the USA Cycling Digital wavier process you will then be presented with a USA Cycling Waiver that the athlete can read the in the upper left corner in Yellow accept the waiver the sign the waiver by typing in their name. This is saved in the RaceDay Database should you new to retrieve it at a later date.


Using the USA Cycling Digitally Signed Waiver