Multi-User Setup

RaceDay can be set up in a multi user/Multi Computer configuration. This is done thru the use of a Master Database Computer with all other client computer linked to it.

Please note that each computer must be running the same version of RaceDay Event Software. 

This can be done using the IP address of the RaceDay Database computer’s IP address and tell the Client computers where t o find it.  RaceDay makes it easy to find you Master Compute’s IP address under the Options drop down, the option to find the Multi User Server will define the Master Database IP Address. On the client computer using the same option you will need to define that IP address in each Client Computer. That is the short version of setting up a Multi User/Multi Computer System.

The RaceDay Master Database computer me require some setting changes to allow the Master Computer to talk to the client  computers, this is define and explain in the Multi User/Multi Computer user guide.

The connection allowing the client computer to talk to the Master Database Computer can be done with several methods.

  • Intranet connection
  • Wired connection

Each of these methods are discussed in detail in the user guide.