RaceDay Event Software

Comprehensive Event and Result Management for Small Home Grown to Multistage National and International Events

Over the past 20 years, the RaceDay Event Management and Software team have spent time around 1000’s of events trying to understand  the components of successful events.

Out of that experience, RaceDay 2.0 was developed and with the input of event staff, officials, and timing companies, we developed the current version Of RaceDay.

The goal – to manage registration and results at events.


 Our Mission

Provide event directors with software that allows for the effective management of the registration process,effective result entry, while providing result feedback to the athletes via printed ,emailed, and real time website posting.


RaceDay Event Software allows for an easy and fast setup of your event.


Importing Online Registrations and adding Day of Race Registrations are fast,simple and dependable with a large athlete data base runiing in the background


Results, every athlete wants them fast, RaceDay fills that need. Event results are easy to import from a file  or mannually enter. With a bulit in Email System and Real Time results posted to your website, raceDay can do it all.