RaceDay Event Software allows for an easy and fast setup of your event.

We are happy to provide you a demo version. Installing the Demo Version is easy by using the button below and following the downloading instruction.

The demo version is a live version that works just the same as the full version,however it is limited to just 20 athletes.

Once you have decide to use Raceday 2.0 and purchased your copy thur we will email you a license key and the instructions on how to install the key. You are then set to go and the demo converets to a full version of the software.

We have a established a working relationship with which allows for a pre-formatted download which will setup the event for you upon import, Multi-day Events will require a few extra steps.

If you are not using RaceDay will support any online registration system that allows for you to download the inforamtion in an excel or csv format.

Once you have downloaded your athlete database you are now ready to build your event and import the athlete.


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  • Updated the download process to provide faster download




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