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1.Introduction #

RaceDay Event Software allows you to email any of the reports that are produced in the RaceDay Reports drop down, his will allow you to connect with your participants and keep them updated. You must have an internet connection to use the system. You can use it onsite or if you do not have aconnection this can be done post event once you are where you can connect.


2.Email Error Log #

The Email Error log is the first drop down in the list. If you have any issues with RaceDay Registration and Result Software all you need to do is click on the link and this will send a error log to the RaceDay Team who can reach out to you and help solve the issues. This is a automated system and requires that you be connected to the internet.

3.Email Templates #

RaceDay has some preloaded Email Templates already in place for you to use, However should you wish to create custom templates you can use this option to create them. By choosing the Email Templates drop down you can then see the current templates.

To use the preloaded templates just use the first drop down to see what information is loaded in these. to create you own templates just use the second button. Once you have clicked on it you will be prompted to choose a template name. Once you have typed in the name click ok.

You will now be promoted to load the body of the template.

Once you have loaded in the template you now just need to click the Save Template button and you will be given a Template saved notice. Just hit the OK button at the bottom of the form and you are ready to send out emails using you form.

Should you want to delete a form you can do so by using the delete form option. Be careful as this is not backed up and can not be reversed.

4.Sending Emails #

From the messaging drop down choose Send Emails the send Emails option page will appear.

  • Step One:  If you wish to add additional Recipients you can do by going to the options drop down in the upper left corner and choosing that option. you can then follow the instructions in the option box.

  • Step Two: Choose the template you wish to use for your email from the drop down
  • Step Three: Choose the stage or event from the stage drop down
  • Step Four:  Choose the Category you wish to send the email to

You can now set up the email

Here are your options:

Return Email Address: Use this if you would like the return email address to be something other than the RaceDay Event Software return email address

Subject Line: This is filled in for you with the current category that you have selected form above ( We normally never change this)

Attachment: This is the attachment that you wish to send the recipients of the email, by clicking on Add Attachment you can then search for them on your computer and add them to the email. The only files that can be attached are PDF

Add Recipients: You can add extra recipients to the email here if you want them to just receive this email. See above if you want to add someone to receive all emails.

Test Email Address: If you would like to see the email before sending out to everyone use this option, just type in the email address and hit the Send Test Email button.

Once you have made the above selection you can now send out your emails to the athletes above.  Depending on you internet connection the emails will be sent out. There is a tracker in the lower left of the screen that will show you the progress. Once all of the emails have been sent out a pop up will appear telling you how many emails went out and how many were not due to bad or missing email address in the athlete data base.

You can continue to work in other areas of RaceDay while emails are being sent.

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