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1.Overview #

RaceDay 2.0 allow for bonuses and special classments to be run within an event.These can occur at the same time

  • Bonuses – these are times  that might be added at any point within an stage of an event. These will impact the finial result of the result.
  • Classments – These are special points  that do not effect the overall results of the stage.  These may be things like such as Best Climber or Best Sprinter.

2.Classments Categories #

This is where you can establish the different bonus/special classment categories that will be run within the stage or stages of your event. There are three that are default settings, these may be changed/delete or you can add new one that fit your event.

Some examples would be

  • King/Queen of the Mountain
  • Sprint Line

You can also use this for finish or intermediate bonus that will effect the finial out come of the stage.

3.Classments #

Think of the Bonus/Classments as a sub set of each Bonus/Classments Category. Each Category can have as many subset within it as the event requires.


Within the event there is a KOM/QOM (Best Climber) competition and it is scored at the top of each of three climbs so the subset would look like this:

Bonus/Classments Category:     KOM/QOM





Each of the three are tied to selected Category

These can be points or time or both and are set up in the next set.

4.Setup Classments #

Setting up the bonus and points structure is easy and takes little time. The easy way to do this is to have the Event Tech Guide to understand the Bonus / Special Classments.

Setting up is down by following the steps

  • Choose the stage for which you are going to set up.
  • Choose the category that you are setting up
  • Next click on the add button, this will bring up a list of all of the Bonus / Special Classments for that stage that were set up in the _________
  • The setup screen will appear with all of the schedules that you set up listed

  • Using the drop down arrow choose the classment from the list that you want to add Points, Time, Or Both.
  • Choose the number of  potions that you want to add points to, then choose the number of potions that you want to add time to. Click Save
  • The next screen will then allow you to set up the Points, Time, or Both

  • Once you have entered them in just hit save and the schedule is then set up and saved for that Stage, Category, and Bonus / Special Classment.
  • You can then hit the add button again to set up the next item on the list until all items are gone. as you add them the one that have schedules will no longer appear in the list.
  • You will need to do this for all of the categories and stages for which there are Bonus and Special Classments.

You check your setup prior to the event you can go to the reports menu and run the report called Classments for each stage to see how the Points / Times are set up. If you need to change one go bachk to the set up screen and find that setup and just replace it. Follow the same steps but choose the setup needing to be be adjusted and make the chance then hit the save button.

All set to go to the event.

5.Assign Classments #

Ready to enter the results form the Bonus / Special Classments? Easy

  • Go to Assign Classification link in Results Drop Down
  • Select the Stage to enter you want to enter results for
  • Choose the Category you are entering for
  • Choose the schedule that you want to enter placings for

  • Type in the bib numbers for the corresponding results
  • Hit Save, all done

To print out the results go to the Report Menu and print out the Bonus / Classments Report.


6.Set Tiebreakers #

 Coming soon

This will allow you to set up the tie breakers for each of the setup Classments.

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