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1.Introduction #

Thanks for purchasing RaceDay 2.0, the leader in Result and Registration Management Software. This quick start guide will you be up and running in no time at all. Please refer to the Help Guide from complete details of all of the functionality that RaceDay 2.0 has to offer. Good luck with your event.

2.Down Loading Software #

Once you have closed registration for your event online and have you downloaded csv athlete file (Note: remember that you must have bib numbers assigned to each athlete prior to importing) time to download Raceday 2.0

Go to App.RaceDayEventManagement.com to download the latest version of RaceDay 2.0. (Note: if you already have a version of RaceDay 2.0 on your system we will check for any current updates and install them) You may have to disable some security programs depending on your system, this may take a few minutes to install the first time as the PostgreSQL database will need to install the first time. Some systems will require a restart of the computer to connect RaceDay to the database the first time.

RaceDay 2.0 downloads as a demo version that will allow for the addition of 20 riders only so that anyone can run the software. Upon purchasing your version of RaceDay 2.0 you will receive a License Key that you need to add here that will activate the full version of RaceDay 2.0.Copy and paste the License key into the box and click the save button. The license box is located by clicking the file link in the address bar.

3.Creating your Event #

Once you have activated your RaceDay 2.0  and create your event details. These decisions and the associated details will be determined how the event is scored and the details displayed on each report that you run.

Go to Utilities link in the address bar, expand and go to database, then click on the initialize database, the Event Details box will appear and allow you to enter details

Once you have completed the Event details click the Save New Event you will then be moved to the enter athletes screen.

4.Adding Athletes CSV #

You will now be able to add your pre-registered athletes into the database by loading the download csv file using the tool provided. Once you have loaded the CSV file be sure and map the details from your csv file to the database columns provided in RaceDay 2.00 using the drop down menu.

 If the csv file that you imported is a BikeReg.com file your  stage or stages are built automatically, if not you will be guided thru the process to  build the stage or stages as you go. Once this is done use the Import Data button to complete the loading of data.



 You will be on the Athlete registration screen with all of your pre-registered athletes load into Raceday 2.0, please take a moment to go to the Event Management section and make sure that the details are correct.

5.Completion #

You are down ready to run your event, please use the complete user guide located at racedayeventsoftware to utilize Raceday 2.0 to its fullest.

Good luck with your event and if you need further support reach out to us and we will be glad to answer your question


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