Import From Timing Systems

RaceDay works in concert with all timing system software and allows for the import of results using a csv file type.

There are several options to choose from when importing results

  •  Import Lif File – This is a Lynx Camera system output
  • Import Bib and Time – This is a simple CSV file that can be used if you need to strip down a timing system output
  • Import Chip – RaceDay will look at the file an match the imputed information  to RaceDay results file 

Steps to import results

  • Select Stage
  • Select file to import
  • RaceDay will display imported results below in the table

RaceDay will look to match Athletes to results using three matches

  • Bib Number
  •  Category
  • License
If the athlete is list below in Black all three matches have occurred, if a athlete is list in Red one or more matches have not occurred. If you would like to turn of the a matching option use the Matching Options in the upper Left corner of the tool box. If you uncheck an matching option the athlete turns Black the results will be imported. If the athlete still is red you have two options you can import leaving the Athlete red and the result will not be import or you can choose to have the result created and imported on the fly by checking the box ” Created Participant” note that the category must be present
Using the Import button on the bottom left causes the import to occur

Note: This is just the basic walk thru, for more visit the user guide section  or reach out to our Support Team