Vol 1 #1 10/28/2020

RaceDay Event Software is excited to announce RaceDay Onsite, a paperless Onsite registration process.

RaceDay Onsite Registration syncs with RaceDay Event Software, allowing athletes to register themselves, choose a category, and accept and sign the USA Cycling Waiver electronically.  The process is fast and easy to use for both race directors and athletes. No more paper waivers!

Athletes can search the RaceDay database stored in the background by license, last name, or first name. They are then prompted to update their information, if necessary, choose their category, and register. The program will automatically assign the next bib number in the sequence and add them to their category in RaceDay.  The next step is to accept the USAC Waiver by typing in their name and accepting the conditions. Athletes then move to the registration area to pay their entry fee and pick up their race numbers. (We will be adding the option to pay via credit card shortly)

By adding these new functions, RaceDay Onsite now completes the entire registration and result process for events – from local Road Races,  Criteriums,  Time Trials,  Omniums, or Stage Races.

Other functions include a messaging system to email results to athletes, real time results posting to event websites, and a USAC result download to input results directly into USA Cycling’s National ranking system or to BikeReg’s  RoadResults .com.  There is also a complete reporting system that can print all required reports or save them as PDFs for emailing or posting.  Other reporting capabilities include post event reports for officials that compile rider counts, insurance cost, one day licenses, and any special surcharges that need to be collected.

RaceDay will soon begin sending out newsletters that will cover the entire registration and results process.  Let us know if you would like to be added to the email list.

Training will be available via Zoom webinars.  If you are interested in this type of training, please email us at dcowley@RaceDayEventSoftware.com. Dates to be announced.