The New RaceDay Matrix


Over the past 20 years, the RaceDay Event Management and Software team have spent time around 1000’s of events trying to understand how the components of successful events intertwine. For this experience we have developed the new RaceDay Matrix.

RaceDay Software 2.0 – Out of that experience, and with the input of event staff, officials, and timing companies, we developed the RaceDay Software 2.0. The goal – to manage registration and results at events.

Event Management – RaceDay Event Management staff worked to understand how an event is put together from conception to post event reports.  We have worked with events, ranging from 10 to thousands of athletes – across the United States and Europe to gain knowledge that has allowed us to continually add pieces into the puzzle of what makes a great event great.

Website Support – A great event can only be a great event when athletes know about it. RaceDay will assist in the creation of a top notch website to effectively market your event. And that includes across social media platforms.

Event Marketing – Don’t have an established athlete base? RaceDay can help source and distribute information to potential participants, utilizing email and social media marketing strategies.


 RaceDay Software 2.0



How does it work?   What are the changes?

RaceDay Software  started out as an Excel based program  powered by VBA. This allowed us to develop a software package that managed  registration and results for all types of events, from  a simple road race to a stage race or omnium.  This approach though effective did have some limitations.

Moving forward RaceDay Software will  move into a stand-alone software program that will be a more robust and stable software package and  the heart beat of the New RaceDay Matrix . As with the previous version, RaceDay will still will provide the same functions but with the increased functionally that Event Directors have requested.  RaceDay will have a fully integrated system: Website (Social Media), Advertising and Event Marketing Systems, and Event Management Systems.

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Website/Webpage Support (Social Media)


Take a minute and ask yourself these two questions.     What is it that makes an athlete want to complete in an event?      What drives a sponsor to write the check to your event?

We asked these two questions of both athletes and sponsors over the last few years and have come up with what we think are the answers. An athlete’s first impression of an event is the information they can find through websites and social media. Sponsors want to know how many media impression that they are receiving for their dollars.

RaceDay Matrix will help Event Directors solve this problem easily and cost effectively.  From a webpage located on our site to a stand-alone webpage, we can provide this.

From pre-event setup to post event metrics we can provide a turnkey solution.

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Event Management


What Does it take

Developing a race and organizing all of the moving parts can be a real challenge from permitting, marketing, course marketing, registration, managing the day of the event details, results,  and post event reporting.

RaceDay can make all of this less stressful and meet your vision of the event.  From registration and results management to full event management,RaceDay has the staff and knowledge to make the event a success

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Marketing is a two step process that reaches out to two very different groups – athletes and sponsors.

Let us help you with the work load. We have a great program with a  wide reaching data base so that we can target an email campaign that will reach athletes who are looking to compete.

Sponsors are always asking for metrics that can justify their investment in your event. With our programs we can help you provide the event specific and overall metrics you can use to secured current sponsors and attract new sponsors to come on board.

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