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RaceDay offers two options for you to support your event with a great looking website, a Custom Website and a Templated Wesite Website. What is the difference?

Custom Website:

Need a fully custom ebsite? We have a full time developer who will work with you to get your domanin registered and hosting setup thru our hosting provider.

After that is done we will work with you to understand your website requirements then build a website to meet them.

Cost for this servide is on aquote basis and onec we have a understand odf you expectation we will provide you a quote based and timeline for website compleation.

Cost: Based on quote

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Template Website:

We take all of the headache out of domain registeing, hosting, and designing  your website. all costs are incluise. You can choose from three deffernt template and we will help you insert thrr informaation into the site and walk you thru the content management system so that you can up date your site at any time.  You will have a completely unique website address that will match your event with no cost or  your time to register a domain name or find a hosting company.

Set up time is 24 hours or less from the request being recieved and  all of the information loaded into the new site. We like to schedule a short call to walk you thru the backend of the site to show you how to updated the content or add new pages, usally this call lastest about 30 tto 45 min.

We will continue to provide support thru the first year with each addititonal year an add on

Take your event to a whole new level and get started today with your event website.

Year One Cost $189.99 fully supported

Each Additional Year  $99.99 fully supported

Need a Tempalte Website

Current managed websites

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