Software Overview

RaceDay Software was originally developed in Excel driven by a VBA backend. This has worked well over the last 10 years but as the demands has changed and that has led to a complete rethink of how registration and timing software should work.

Over the pasted 18 months we have started the programing of the new RaceDay 2.0 a completely standalone software package and the new companion website. We were looking for a package that still maintained, at its core a simple user interface but also allowed for the management of major events.

After an extensive design phase we have now started the programming phase with a release date of December 1, 2017.

As we the designed the flow of RaceDay 2.0 we will be able to include a completely new approach to registration and results management that will talk to online registration and results systems, onsite timing systems, and results posting websites.

Here are some of the new approaches we will be integrating into RaceDay 2.0

  •  Full integrated with for event and athlete download data. (Other site will require a csv download  of data to upload into RaceDay 2.0)
  •  Compatible with timing software thru either a direct feed or csv import of results.
  •  Added ability to manage distribution of result to athletes and media thru multiple portals. (Live results, Email, Text Messaging, Posting to Website)
  •  Results submission vis direct input or uploaded CSV file in required pre-formatted templates.
  •  Allow for user input for continued development of the software.