Software Update #1

RaceDay Software in it’s current state has reach its limit on what it can do. We are in the process on moving it into a stand alone software package that will allow us to continue with development and the ability to add more features with benefits for the Event Directors and also support timing companies in all sports types.

We are working thru the process and have it split into several phases:

Phase 1: Development the data base that will support two databases, event participants and master athlete database.

Phase 2: Manage the process to build the event and add event details.

Phase 3: Work thru the process to mange both online register athletes and day of race registration. This will include the import of athlete from online providers.

Phase 4 : Develop the process to build the event type. (single day or multi-day) This also includes the scoring (time or points) to also include special scoring if needed. Included in this process is the payout schedule.

Phase 5: Work thru the reporting system and the distribution of the results to participants, media, and scoring websites and required by the event director.

Phase 6: Real time result thru the a web interface.

Work are working full speed ahead and plan for a late 2016 early 2017 release. Be sure and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.