RaceDay Version 2.2 completed and ready for 2019 racing season

So what has the RaceDay 2.0 Staff be up to the last few months?

Well we are excited to share with you some new tools and some which we have updated. RaceDay 2.0 is finally through the 2.2 build phase, as we move forward over the next few months we will be working on 2.3 which is the direct integration with time systems.

Here are some of the changes to the Basic RaceDay 2.0 software.

  • We have made some major code change to RaceDay to provide more responsiveness and stability
  • There are now several additional time format that you can import in addition to the default format
  • You now have the ability to set up user types. This will really help those events that are using the multi system option.
  • As a user you can now manage all of the input labels, you can also move them around to line them up for your style of input, and you can hide them as well  if you do not need to use them for your event.
  • There is now a system and report that will allow you to track all of the financial information for your event, both from online and onsite.

All of these functions are part of the Basic RaceDay software package. Complete details of all of what RaceDay 2.0 can do for your event are on our website and can be found in the complete user guide.

Remember:  Data Matters


Registration starts as soon as your event is over for the year or you are planning a new event. There is a lot of reason why your choice of a registration and result management software package should be RaceDay 2.2.

Over the next few months we will walk thru our process that we have developed over the last 30 years to provide you with some registration tools and tips and how RaceDay 2.0 can take the headache out of the process.



In today’s world athletes are looking for events that that can provide them with almost instance result feedback.  With a lot of events happening out there competing for the same pool of athlete’s how can that local, regional, or national level events set themselves apart.

Results: Live results, emailed results, or Texted results.

With RaceDay 2.2 all of these options are available to you at reasonable prices.

We will walk you thru the result process and how you can make you event look like attractive to athletes.


All of us here at RaceDay Event Software have a deep desire and passion to provide only the best product, at an affordable price to all types of events around the US and beyond.  We know that if you want to take your event to a new level that RaceDay 2.2 can help you with that process.

We know that we might have missed a tool or report as each event does have some special need. We will always take that need and see if we can provide for it. Sometime we can manage the requested item by looking at the flexibility that RaceDay 2.2 provides. Sometimes it may take a day or two to figure out if we can meet your time line.

We encourage you to download RaceDay 2.2, read the user guide, and use the test data provide to use RaceDay 2.2 and think about how it can impact your event.

Our staff is accessible to provide you with support, by text message, email, or phone to answer any questions and provide help thinking thru an event registration and result process.