Press Release #1 12-12-2017

(Salt Lake City, Utah)

RaceDay Event Software, LLC announces the release of RaceDay 2.0, a registration, results and event management package designed to meet the growing needs of event directors across a wide range of sporting events including road and mountain bike racing, running events and triathlons. RaceDay 2.0 replaces the hugely successful RaceDay 1.0 Excel package and aims to build upon its successes with a modern architecture running against a true enterprise class relational database.

“A great deal of time was spent designing the functionality of the new software to provide a simple way to configure the software to meet the complexities of placement and timed events,” stated Dirk Cowley, Managing Director of the project.  Nigel Powell, Lead Engineer and the driving force behind the programming and functionality, added, “The new architecture and multi-user functionality will allow RaceDay 2.0 to scale from small, local events up to nationally recognized events with stages and thousands of participants.”

RaceDay 2.0 supports pre-registration athlete files from online registration services via either a direct import or a CSV import. In addition, RaceDay 2.0 contains an integrated searchable database of athletes making for quick onsite registration that will continue to grow as more athletes attend RaceDay supported events. RaceDay 2.0 also provides live linked result and the ability to quickly email/SMS athletes their results or other event information via a built-in messaging system.

With a fully supported system at a reasonable price, RaceDay 2.0 offers event directors the tools to take their events to a whole new level.

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