Event Result Management

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Post Event Reporting

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RaceDay Eagle Eye System

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About RaceDay

 RaceDay’s Mission

To set the standard in support software for  registration and results management. Provide a high quality video camera system that allows for complete integration with RaceDay Event Software.. Develop registration protocols that provide a friendly working relationship with riders and officials



RaceDay Event Software is a program written in Visual Basic Application (VBA) in a Microsoft Excel environment.

We have written in the activation code so that starting the software is easy and requires no internet connection after the initial download.

The only additional software requirement is that you enable macros upon opening Excel. This will enable the RaceDay functionality.

RaceDay works in both Excel 2003,2007, and 2010.  While RaceDay Event Software is developed in a Windows environment use of a Mac may be possible if the hard drive is partitioned and a Windows environment and Microsoft Excel is installed. Excel 2011 has added the ability to work with macros in a Mac as well as in Windows.


 Customer Support

Our stellar customer service is available to you anytime. We encourage you to purchase your copy of RaceDay a week before your event. You can download a demo version anytime and and run through it to learn the ins and outs before your event. RaceDay is easy and fast to learn and the more you use it the easier it is to run in the heat of registration on the day of your event.

If you are going to have staff run registration you should also have them download a demo version to practice as well.

Demo Version of the software and support files can be located here


Be sure to activate and run your licenses copy of RaceDay on the computer you are going to use on the day of the event.